What They Are Saying



A relevant and educational book. This psychologist guides us through where we are as a society, how we got here and possibilities for a better tomorrow. A work contextualized and based on history and research, she connects the dots and puts us all on the same page. Her work is inviting and a game changer.”

Mary D. Anderson, MS, CRC

Vocational Expert

Dr. Sharon Flaherty has written a thoughtful account of some of our most vexing societal problems. She weaves through the world’s psychological literature, finding clues to what’s wrong and why. In doing so, she finds solutions that are common-sensical and science-based. She’s right — the world doesn’t have to be this way. Worth a close read.”

Herman Huber, PhD

Former Chairperson, Psychology Department, College of St. Elizabeth

Dr. Flaherty’s book was a pleasant surprise for me. It is an easy read, well substantiated with scientific and psychological research, that deals directly with the complex social and global issues we are facing today, their origins, and more importantly, powerful simple solutions.”

Carla Hannaford, PhD

Biologist/Author/International Consultant

This is a very cool book. It ranges widely in its effort to find a path through the darkness of modern life to a place of light and hope for the next generation of children and youth. It does so with rare clarity, and an impressive mastery of research on the processes that transform the human organism into the fully human person, the person with both a good heart and an open mind. Sharon Flaherty demonstrates a breadth of knowledge that is impressive, and thus reassuring. It is impressive because it covers so many scientific bases, and it is reassuring because it generates confidence that this is not academic flim flam, but genuinely thoughtful and deeply caring analysis and recommendations.”

James Garbarino, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Psychology Cornell University and Loyola University

In this compelling look at contemporary life challenges and opportunities, Dr. Flaherty calls on us to recognize the often invisible gifts of natural play and movement, and to discover simple ways to nurture these from childhood into adult life. This includes reawakening the ease and joy of living beyond defense mechanisms that we adults most often “learned” ourselves while growing up, and that may be readily perpetuated by modern challenges.”

Gail E. Dennison, co-author, Brain Gym® Teacher's Edition

If you, like me, feel the twinges of frustration and helplessness by the deluge of reports of the poly-crisis unfolding around the world and at home. Focusing on the lives and brilliance of children, Dr. Flaherty digs deep to offer insights into how we can choose to support them to be peaceful, courageous adults.”

Justine Willis Toms, Co-founder, Creative Producer, Host New Dimensions Radio. Author, Small Pleasures: Finding Grace in a Chaotic World

Emeritus Professor of Psychology Cornell University and Loyola University

Addresses the fundamental nature of being human. Dr Flaherty has put together landmark psychological research in a way that has never been done before, and her ideas are thought-provoking and creative. She matches common behaviors with psychological research to make it easy for the general population to understand the problems we face today. The book allows readers to see that we are not unique in our problems, perspectives, and prejudices, and that these are issues that we have dealt with since time immemorial. It has condensed explanations and insights that are usually reserved for mental health professionals with many years of experience and offers practical solutions that the average person can benefit from. It recognizes the troubling problems of modern life, but also dares to assert, It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.”

J. Theodore Brown Jr, PhD

HSPP Clinical Psychologist