People are Capable of the Most Generous and Unselfish Acts, and also the Most Destructive and Terrible

Analyzing decades of psychological research, this It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way delves deeply into human psychology and history to show us how we got to where we are now.

  • Read and understand amazing insights and opportunities for the future.
  • Explore possibilities that have never before been considered.
  • Discover a completely new way to approach life and reclaim our birthright.


It Doesnt Have To Be This Way-Book Cover


It ranges widely in its effort to find a path through the darkness of modern life to a place of light and hope for the next generation of children and youth. It does so with rare clarity, and an impressive mastery of research”

James Garbarino, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Cornell University and Loyola University

A relevant and educational book.  Her work is inviting and a game changer.”

Mary D. Anderson, MS, CRC

Vocational Expert

Matches common behaviors with scientific research to make it easy for the general population to understand human behavior.”

J. Theodore Brown Jr, PhD, HSPP

Clinical Psychologist


About the Author

Dr. Sharon Flaherty has been a practicing psychologist for more than 30 years. In her search for the deeper issues underlying any problem or situation, she has always been open to “outside the box” solutions that are innovative and effective. Her work offers a vision of empowerment and hope.

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